Hands On!  *Sound Education* 
A Non-Profit Organisation working towards the growth of sound education in Southern Africa.

Non-Profit Organization, Hands On! was formed in August 2006 to promote arts and culture, rhythm education and leadership development in previously disadvantaged, culturally poor communities.

Social ills endemic in economically challenged communities such as unemployment, substance abuse and crime is prevalent. Children in these communities lack positive stimuli as well as being exposed to the harsher realities of life, and as a result suffer academically as well as socially. Hands On was established to address these wrongs with music.


Our purpose & needs

There is an awe-inspiring feeling, an immense energy that comes from playing a musical instrument.

Research has shown that the use of music in under privileged or poorer communities has aided the learner to realise a greater academic potential and self worth than when they did not take musical instruction.


Our Motivation

Music & dance demonstrates the effects of action & interaction that enhances communication & children experiencing this are encouraged & stimulated to form quality relationships. It also rekindles the almost lost sense of African community (UBUNTU) in the learners.


Our Performances

The band performs regularly for various government departments as well as for organizations in the private sector. The band is particularly active in events that raise public awareness to subjects like abuse of women and children and violence..



We have achieved tremendous success with mentally and physically challenged children at the Elizabeth Conradie School in Kimberley.

Their sense of accomplishment instilled by the drumming lessons enabled them to attempt more difficult tasks outside the normal parameters of their limitations. Hands On! completed a pilot project initiated and funded by the South African Department of Justice at the Thusong Children’s Centre.

Music lessons in drumming, steel drums and brass wind was presented as well as valuable life skills through The Journey Process.

Hands On! was nominated for Community Builder of the Year by the Department of Social Services ad Population Development for 2008.


A quarterly financial report is prepared by an external accountant. Quarterly news letters are written and accompanied by photographs and/or video footage. These reports are available to donors and potential donors for their perusal or advice. Reports are also sent to grant makers on a bi-annual basis.


A development programme is in place by positioning volunteers into formal arts schools where they can be further educated. This opportunity serves as a job creation strategy. The volunteers can then seek and/or design their own future with the skills they have acquired, thereby improving the socio-economic circumstances of theircommunity.